Strapping Carts

Economy Strapping Cart

All purpose poly strapping cart, recommended for polypropylene or polyester
strapping, is light-weight and economical. Fits strapping core sizes: 8" x 8",
16" x 3" and 16" x 6".
MIP5100 - Economy Strapping Cart

Heavy-Duty Strapping Cart

Heavy-duty steel and plastic strapping dispenser is our most versatile strapping
cart, recommended for polypropylene, polyester or steel strapping. Fits strapping core sizes 16" x 6" and 16" x 3".
MIP5200 - Heavy-Duty Strapping Cart

Deluxe Heavy-Duty Strapping Cart

Designed for the most demanding steel strapping applications, which features a
heavy-duty break that stops steel strapping from unwinding. Holds up to 1" wide
strapping, and core sizes 16" x 3" and 16" x 6".
MIP6100 - Deluxe Heavy-Duty Strapping Cart

Speciality Strapping Cart

For ribbon wound high tensile steel strapping only, which features lower roller
supports for easy dispensing. Fits up to 3 coils of 1 1/4" ribbon wound strapping.
MIP5600 - Speciality Strapping Cart
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