Tape Logic<span class='rtm'>®</span> 5900 Removable Double Sided Foam Tape
Tape Logic® 5900 Removable Double Sided Foam Tape
Use to temporarily hang signs and artwork.
  • Both sides are removable.
  • Tape removes cleanly from most hard, non-delaminated surfaces, even after extended periods of time.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Removable rubber adhesive.

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Item Description
Ext. Price
Tape Logic® 5900 Removable Double Sided Foam Tape
DescriptionW x LThicknessRolls
Per Case
Removable1/2" x 72 yds.1/32"24 White11.5 CS55
1/2" x 72 yds.1/32"2 White1.26 CS55
1/2" x 36 yds.1/16"24 White7.7 CS55
1/2" x 36 yds.1/16"2 White.8 CS55
3/4" x 72 yds.1/32"16 White11.72 CS55
3/4" x 72 yds.1/32"2 White1.68 CS55
3/4" x 36 yds.1/16"16 White7.56 CS55
3/4" x 36 yds.1/16"2 White1.18 CS55
1" x 72 yds.1/32"12 White11.78 CS55
1" x 72 yds.1/32"2 White2.22 CS55
1" x 36 yds.1/16"12 White7.36 CS55
1" x 36 yds.1/16"2 White1.52 CS55
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