Crinkle Blends
Crinkle Blends
Great to use in gift boxes and baskets!
  • Unique zigzagged strips add color and texture to packaging.
  • Choose from a variety of Solid Colors, Paper Blends and Metallic Blends.
  • Paper Blends combine several different Solid Color Crinkle Papers to create a multi-dimensional and festive blend.
  • Metallic Blends include one Solid Color Crinkle Paper and one Metallic Color for a shiny, two-tone effect.
  • See our line of Gift Boxes.

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Item Description
Ext. Price
Color Preview
Crinkle Blends - 10 lb. Boxes
ColorPaper TypeWeight
Per Case
BabyPaper Blend10 lbs.11.82 CS150 149265
FiestaPaper Blend10 lbs.12.16 CS150 149265
ChristmasPaper Blend10 lbs.11.94 CS150 149265
Iridescent & WhitePaper Blend10 lbs.12.42 CS150 149265
White & SilverMetallic Blend10 lbs.12.48 CS150 149265
White & GoldMetallic Blend10 lbs.12.42 CS150 149265
Black & SilverMetallic Blend10 lbs.12.16 CS150 149265
Black & GoldMetallic Blend10 lbs.12.22 CS150 149265
Red & SilverMetallic Blend10 lbs.12.66 CS150 149265
Gold & French VanillaMetallic Blend10 lbs.11.36 CS150 149265
Gold & RedMetallic Blend10 lbs.12.26 CS150 149265
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