3M<span class='tm'>™</span> Dual Lock<span class='tm'>™</span> Fasteners - Rubber Adhesive
3M Dual Lock Fasteners - Rubber Adhesive
Fastens heavy items creating a more permanent bond.
  • Rigid plastic stems interlock for hundreds of closures.
  • Rubber based adhesive on back of a polypropylene, reclosable fastener.
  • Type 170 stem density mates to types 250 or 400 but not to itself.
  • Type 250 stem density mates to types 170, 250 (itself) or 400.
  • Type 400 stem density mates to types 170 or 250 but not to itself.
  • Designed to bond to many plastics, powder coated paints and other low surface energy materials.
  • Handles temperatures up to 120 degrees F.

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Item Description
Ext. Price
Rubber Adhesive
DescriptionW x LStems
Per Inch
Per Case
3M SJ35421" x 150'170Black27.46 CS100
3M SJ35421" x 150'170Black14.6 CS100
3M SJ35401/2" x 150'250Black48.12 CS100
3M SJ35401/2" x 150'250Black14.98 CS100
3M SJ35403/4" x 150'250Black25.76 CS100
3M SJ35403/4" x 150'250Black13.84 CS100
3M SJ35401" x 150'250Black27.64 CS100
3M SJ35401" x 150'250Black14.34 CS100
3M SJ35402" x 150'250Black17.12 CS100
3M SJ35411" x 150'400Black28.04 CS100
3M SJ35411" x 150'400Black15.27 CS100
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