Industrial Black Trash Liners
Industrial Black Trash Liners
Low density bags are thick, flexible and highly resistant to puncturing and tearing.
  • Bags work well with irregular shaped items.
  • Bags feature a star seal bottom.

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Item Description
Ext. Price
Industrial Black Trash Liners
Per Case
24 x 24".46-7Flat Packed100013.38 CS55
24 x 24".76-7Flat Packed50010.5 CS55
24 x 24"1.06-7Coreless Roll50017.86 CS55
24 x 32".48-10Flat Packed100019.46 CS55
24 x 32".78-10Flat Packed50015.22 CS55
24 x 32"1.08-10Coreless Roll50022.08 CS55
30 x 36".920-30Flat Packed25014.28 CS55
30 x 36"1.220-30Flat Packed25018.38 CS55
33 x 39".533Flat Packed25010.06 CS55
33 x 39".733Flat Packed25017.04 CS55
33 x 40".933Flat Packed25016.98 CS55
33 x 39"1.233Flat Packed25021.78 CS55
33 x 39"1.533Flat Packed10011.26 CS55
33 x 39"1.733Flat Packed10015.62 CS55
33 x 39"2.033Flat Packed10014.24 CS55
40 x 46".540Flat Packed25011.92 CS55
40 x 46".740Flat Packed12510.6 CS55
40 x 46".940Flat Packed25012.5 CS55
40 x 46"1.240Flat Packed10011.76 CS55
40 x 46"1.540Flat Packed10015.96 CS55
40 x 46"1.740Flat Packed10019.28 CS55
40 x 46"2.040Flat Packed10020.44 CS55
36 x 58"1.255Flat Packed10017.4 CS55
36 x 58"1.555Flat Packed10019.14 CS55
38 x 58"2.055Coreless Roll10024.58 CS55
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